The Movement

The Movement is an Online Fitness Video platform. This platform is made by athletes, but it is for anyone looking for great workouts. Not only does the library offer various types of High Intensity classes, it also offers stretching and injury prevention routines, tutorials, strength workouts and also athlete specific training. This platform can be used anywhere, it offers workouts with little to no equipment and it also has various workouts with equipment found in any local gym. LOG IN or Try a FREE TRIAL (available for first time users)

Meet the Coaches


Terrell Ray @ITA.movement

Former collegiate and professional European basketball trainer, turned Personal Trainer and Performance Coach. As a young basketball player in NYC we had a lot of great coaches, but very few people teaching athletes how to train their body. As I progressed from High School to College to the Pro level, I felt like my lack of physical performances held me back from my full potential. This is one of the reasons why I became a Trainer and the main reason why I created this platform. I want to give athletes and non athletes an opportunity that I didn't have. Something that was mobile and can be used anywhere.


Ronny Weihmann @SmoothHandles

Ronny is professional German basketball player. Ronny has been playing at the pro level for over 10 years, he is also a Basketball Skills Trainer and Performance Coach and the creator of the Find A Way Athletics